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Seeing My Son

February 2018

By Walter Suza

The maternity ward at Bryan Health in Lincoln, Nebraska was very busy, babies would soon exit their safe home inside their mothers’ wombs into a world unknown.

A stormy night it was, streets filled with snow. Fortunately, we did not have to use the snow shovel in the back seat of the car, lest we were stuck in snow as we rushed to the clinic to welcome my son.

He arrives; I separate the biological line that had connected and sustained him through his mother. The doctors and nurses looked at me, probably wondering, “What might he be thinking?” I stared at them, and I said, "what a miracle!"

He was bundled into warm and fuzzy baby blankets and placed in a room with other babies of various skin colors. I looked through the glass to the room full of racially diverse babies, and I saw peace, love, hope and a continuation of life.

Since welcoming my son into this world, I have been wondering, now that he is entering manhood, will the world see him for the kind and loving person he is? Will the world give my son a chance?

How will the police officers, teachers, nurses, staff at the grocery store, members of a scholarship committee, football coaches, the person he might fall in love with, his girlfriend’s parents see my son? How will you see my son?

Will you see a child who loves his family?

Will you see a child loved by his family?

Will you see a messenger of peace?

Will you see untapped potential?

Will you see an Einstein or a Mozart?

Will you see a Walter Payton or a Payton Manning?

Will you see an angel?

Will you see your next president?

Will you see the future police officer taking a bullet to save a child from a gunman’s wrath?

Will you see a teacher, teaching your granddaughter to read and write?

Will you see a doctor bringing your baby into this world?

Will you sense his breath as he approaches you?

Will you see red blood flowing through his veins?

Will you hear his heartbeat, with a rhythm similar to yours?

Will you see a threat to your life?

Will you see God’s wonder or will you see God’s mistake?

In your deep sleep, would you rather see my child as a target for elimination from the face of the earth? A threat to be thwarted, a menace to society, a cancer to be burned, a stain to your bloodline, a future thug, an unintelligent being not worth nurturing or protecting?

As you, awake from your sleep, you will find a new pair of glasses in your hands, with the inscription, “a new way to see things the way they are”. Will you find compassion if your new pair of glasses allowed you to see yourself, your family, and your people in my son? Will you share your enlightenment with others?

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